Sunday, April 17: Jamie Ross: Shipwrecks, Spirit Worlds, Seances


This world ever was and is and shall be ever-living Fire, in measures being kindled and in measures going out. -Heraclitus

The ruined hull of a shipwreck has just been revealed by the winter’s shifting sands on the icy beach adjacent to Artscape Gibraltar Point. The shoals and sandbars around the island hold hundreds more victims of the tempestuous lake.

Two hundred and one years ago, also meters from the art centre, the first keeper of the island lighthouse, J.P. Radan Muller, was pushed down the stairs to his death. His jawbone and femur were found just decades ago in the melting snow around the point.

In the comfort of the the Gibraltar Point Centre’s fireplace room, window-dressed for the occasion, and another place on the island, we’re talking ghosts. We’ll look at spirit communication and automatic writing in contemporary art from the vantage point of Jamie’s practice. The informal workshop will have a hands-on experimental component should guests wish to try their hands at psychography.

This atelier picks up where the Sauna Spell workshop presented at C Magazine’s sauna symposium on Samhain 2014 left off. Participants will have a chance to tie spring bathing besoms and test their efficacy warding off phantasm around the fire.

Bring your bathing suit and some food to share. Please send an email to to RSVP.


In Jamie’s performance, which was in part about acknowledging queer ancestors – invoking the bathhouse raids of the 1980’s and other queer histories – there was a sense of having been invited to participate in an intimate ritual, inherited and enacted by those who had come to the event. The stark contrast between the heat and conviviality of the sauna and the wintry darkness of the surrounding forest outside made the day’s activities seem that much more intimate and elemental.
-Amish Morrell, editor C Magazine in issue 124, Winter 2015

There is an inexplicable energy here that seems to bring us closer to that unknown realm. This island is imbued with stories and secrets if you’re willing to listen. This place totally is haunted.
-Vanessa Rieger, curator of Ghost Hole, yearly Halloween group show