Artist Residencies

Artscape Gibraltar Point hosts two types of artist residencies: self-directed, and programmed. We’ve been proud to host thousands of artists since 1999.


“Having a supportive space to create is something every artist craves. Gibraltar Point makes it happen. Whether it’s talking shop in the common room, hunkering in a cozy space to hammer out text or walking the beautiful paths of the island to clear your head, it’s just what you need.” – John McDaid, Author

“Artscape’s open and inclusive attitude has made it easy to facilitate educational programming in contemporary art. Their beautiful property on Toronto Island is a unique retreat from the city and the comfortable accommodations and large studio spaces generate an ideal environment for group dialogue.” – Lucas Soi, Curator

“As a regular short-term resident since 2007, I know Artscape Gibraltar Point as a special place to focus on creative projects and ‘come back into yourself.’ Its offerings are impossible to find anywhere else. There is room to create and explore, to disconnect from the city while being close to culture and services.” Zeesy Powers, Artist

Self-Directed Residencies

These are short-term studio and overnight accommodations for artists and creative types who want to focus on their work in a distraction-free environment. This sort of residency is also ideal for individuals conducting research, working to meet a deadline, collaborating with others, or who require temporary workspace. Guests enjoy clean and cozy private accommodations, bright and spacious studios, a shared kitchen and lounge, free WiFi, bike rentals, beautiful outdoor spaces and spectacular views of the lake from the Gibraltar Point Beach.

To Book

Read about our Rooms + Rates, and then complete our online Booking Form.

Programmed Residencies

Programmed residencies bring together up to 18 artists to work around a specific theme with the help of a facilitator/curator. Participants explore new modes of thought in a variety of collaborative settings including studio work, formal lectures, group discussions and outdoor retreats. Programmed residencies encourage dialogue and discovery between disparate practices, and establish new connections. Artists can apply to take part in a thematic/programmed residency when opportunities are available.

Register for any programmed residency by following the directions given in the posting.