Wanna Whole Lotta Party? Celebrate Imbolc!

Call all ye to dance in the lyrical shadows of winters passing at IMBOLC!

IMBOLC marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Join us for the 4th installment of this seasonal celebration at the Algonquin Island Association on Saturday Jan 30th, 2016! Artscape Gibraltar Point has programed a fantastic night of food, music, art, poetry, divination and dress up! (come early, skate the lake, warm up with song and dance)

4:30PM- KITH & KIN, seasonal harmonies, https://kithandkintrio.bandcamp.com/
5:00PM-ANDREA GERHART & MICHAEL FRANKLIN, medieval set of Hildegard v. Bingen, Cantigas,Llibre Vermell, St. Godric
5:45PM-WENDE BARTLEY, oracle songs from ancient ritual spaces
6:30PM- MONICA BODIRSKY, imbolc, the meaning
6:45PM-ALIA OBRIEN (blood ceremony), slow flute music
7:30PM-AMY BOWLES, (hallow earth), mystery boughs
8:15PM-LEAH FINKEL, from the vault
8:30PM-BERNICE, midpoint winter songs https://bernice.bandcamp.com/
9:00PM-EUCALYPTUS, isle style free jazz exoctic animals
9:45PM-DJ Two headed Crab spinning mystical bop



Iconomancy by Monica Bodirsky
Celebrate the returning light of Imbolc with iconomacy! What will your rewards and challenges be for 2016? Definitely for entertainment purposes only, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate…Cost: $5 each
Process: You will be asked to pick an item intuitively. Object and message are contained within the package. You won’t know what you’re getting until you open the package. Surprise!

D.R. Redstone, Geomancer
Geographic Remedies While-You-Wait

NATALIE AMBER, adorns the masses with..
crowns and capes, drapes and scarfs, cedar, dogwood, and lots of stars
Décor Installation by Melissa Fisher, http://www.melissa-fisher.com/

Hearth and Home, Seasonal Soup AND Divine Fem Bev by Luisa Milan

The event is Pay What You Can with a $5 to $10 Suggestion
LOCATION: Algonquin Island Association Clubhouse 18 Wyandot Ave, Toronto, Ontario
START TIME 4:00pm , END TIME at 11:00PM (LAST BOAT 11:45PM)
Ferry Schedule www.toronto.ca/ferry

The Origins of Imbolc
Imbolc, (pronounced “IM-bulc” or “EM-bowlk” meaning “in the belly”) is a name derived from the Gaelic word “oimelc” which means “ewe’s milk”. It is the time in the natural calendar of the year in which we banish the winter and rejoice the coming of spring and is celebrated on St Bridgid’s day – the 1st or 2nd of February, also known as Candlemas (the Christianised version of the name) – the first festival of spring. It is also known in America as “Groundhog day” and marks the Sun reaching 15°Aquarius, and as such means that there are only six weeks remaining of winter.

If you require more info or interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa Cristinzo from Artscape at 647.637.9698 or at lcristinzo@artscape.ca

RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/204791026534634/