Luminous Bodies: Art Exhbit & Open Studio

Spend the day on Toronto Island beaches and parks, then end with a late afternoon exhibit & open studio at this inspiring show on the theme of the human body.

Sunday July 17, 4-7pm                Artscape Gibraltar Point                                  *free admission*

Last chance to meet the 13 artists from Australia, South Africa, & across Canada & US, and see their work!

Zelé Angelides (Johannesburg, SA)
Kyrae Cowan (Washington, US)
Julie Fortney (Broad Run, US)
Aaron Henderson (Pitsburg, US)
Alice MacLean (Dartmouth, CA)
Amanda Robles (Denton, US)
Bob Morouney (Otter Creek, CA)
Chelsea Rushton (Calgary, CA)
Elwyn Murray (North Carlton, AU)
K. Staelin (Hanover, US)
Lauren O’Neal (Cambridge, US)
Melissa Vandenberg (Richmond, US)
Vivi Violette (Canberra, AU)

This free event is part of Luminous Bodies art residency programming, which has been made public.


Luminous Bodies is a two-week art residency, whereby artists from across Canada and around the world gather to shed light on the diversity of the human body. The artists explore how our bodies are culturally and aesthetically constructed, displayed and controlled. By the end of the residency, they create artworks of various media that reinvent and re-present the body in most inclusive and diverse ways.


*Toronto Island, ferry boats, and Artscape Gibraltar Point are wheel chair accessible.

Click here for Directions.