Winter Island: Anne Bourne x Christopher Willes present Deep Listening


Artscape Gibraltar Point is pleased to welcome Composer Anne Bourne and Artist/Composer Christopher Willes as part of our Winter Island Artist Residency Program.

Participants will be invited into a group exploration and discussion of some of Pauline Oliveros’ listening and sounding text scores which make up the sonic meditations and Deep Listening pieces.

Special thanks to 8-11 Gallery for organizing this residency.

Deep Listening® is a listening practice created by renowned composer Pauline Oliveros. The practice engages Oliveros’ intention of ‘listening to everything it is possible to listen to all the time,’ and it is embodied through a shared experience of listening and sounding via the text scores which make up her Sonic Meditations and Deep Listening pieces. This practice can offer a feeling of well being and inspire interpretations in other modalities such as the deeply listening body of Heloise Gold and the dream work of Ione.

Pauline Oliveros has abandoned composition/performance as it is usually established today for sonic explorations which include everyone who wants to participate. She attempts to erase the subject/object or performer/audience relationship by returning to ancient forms which preclude spectators […] Sonic Meditations are an attempt to return the control of sound to the individual alone, and within groups especially for humanitarian purposes – “Sonic Meditations” Smith Publications, 1974.


Composer Anne Bourne improvises parallel streams of extended cello and voice. Anne was introduced to Pauline Oliveros over distance in 1994 for a Telematic improvisation with ensembles from Toronto and Paris, joining Pauline’s Deep Listening band, simultaneously heard by their audience at the Kitchen in New York. Anne was then drawn to the Rose Mountain retreats with Oliveros, in northern New Mexico during the 90’s, to experience the practice of Deep Listening. Anne played on the premier recording of Pauline Oliveros’ composition ‘Primordial/Lift’ in New York, 1998, and has appeared on all subsequent performances and recordings of this piece, a listening experience based in the resonant frequencies of the earth. During this time Anne met Ione and under her guidance explored listening in dream and began a writing practice. Anne performed with Pauline Oliveros, Ione, and Doug van Nort at XAvantXI Music Gallery 2016. Oliveros passed away peacefully just over one month later. At the invitation of Ione and ICE, Anne led Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation at a recent tribute at the Park Avenue Armory. Anne continues to carry the Deep Listening pieces, offering an experience of inclusive creativity and a gesture of sonic peace.

Christopher Willes is a Canadian artist and composer. He makes performances, music, exhibitions, and writes about contemporary art. Recent projects have been presented at The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Music Gallery, 8-11 Gallery, The Rhubarb Festival, and Open Ears Festival. For the past decade he has been continually active working in choreography and experimental theatre as a sound-maker and dramaturge. Collaborations include projects with Public Recordings, Small Wooden Shoe, and numerous works with Toronto’s Dancemakers. He studied music at the University of Toronto, and holds an MFA from Bard College. In 2016 he was awarded a Chalmers Art Fellowship, and was a MacDowell Colony Fellow (USA). He will be a 2017 artist-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library.

This event is free!
All are welcome, however attendance is limited to capacity.


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