Once Upon Water: Exhibition & Open Studios

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island

You got a sneak peek last week at some of the projects underway as part of Once Upon Water, a two week residency that has brought thirteen artists from Austria, The Netherlands, and across Canada and the United States to explore and create works inspired by material and magical notions of water.

Due to record rains last summer, forty percent of Toronto Island flooded and the islands were closed to the public. The waters have since receded and island life is once again thriving. The physical traces and stories of the flood have offered a breeding ground for new creativity. Resident Artists have created works that explore tangible and intangible concepts of water through media of their choice, such as storytelling, movement art, steam of consciousness poetry, photo installation, paper making, media art, earth works, performance art, video, and more …

Bernhard Cociancig (Vienna, AT)
Stėphanie Cloutier (Toronto, CA)
Ali Deane (Kentucky, US)
Rihab Essayh (Laval, CA)
Lisa R Hemeon (Toronto, CA)
Jasmine Gui and Abby Ho (Toronto, CA)
Chantal Khoury (Montreal, CA)
Seana Kozar (Nanaimo, CA)
Natalie Deryn Johnson (Brooklyn, US)
Kelly O’Neill (Toronto, CA)
Roosje Verschoor (Amsterdam, NL)
Sandra Vida (Calgary, CA)

Teresa Ascencao (Toronto, CA)

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Once Upon Water is a two-week residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, on Toronto Island, to create artworks about the material and magical notions of water. Water is in constant flow and yet may present itself as still ~ a mirror that mesmerizes. In this state its reflective surface invites gazing at our physical selves, but also beyond our bodies to contemplate both our inner experiences and relationships with the outer world.

Once Upon Water art residency had it’s debut in 2017 on Pico Island, Azores ~ an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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This is a free public event.

Artscape Gibraltar Point strives to accommodate people of all abilities. Please contact for further information.

Best way to get around is by bicycle, which can be taken on the ferries. For details on getting here, visit https://artscapegibraltarpoint.ca/visit/

More information: OnceUponWater.com/artists-2018 and ArtsUnfold.com

Media Contact: Teresa Ascencao info@onceuponwater.com