The Farm and the City and the Radio


Artscape Gibraltar Point is pleased to be a featured part of Big Pond Small Fish’s The Farm and The City and The Radio.
The Farm and The City and The Radio project will be presenting new three videos featuring urban farms located in three corners of Toronto 

These videos are the first of a five-part art project about what feeds and connects us developed in collaboration with community partners, artists, and famers. Created over the spring and summer of 2020, the Farm Tour videos are scheduled for release in late November in conjunction with an online conversation with participating urban farmers. 

The project continues with eight poetic six-minute podcasts and two videos that engage with and reinterpret the podcasts with ASL accessible video. 

The project includes an artist talk on November 17th with Krys Verrall and Gita Hashemi for the Arts, Culture, & Media Visiting Artists Lecture Series at the Doris McCarthy Gallery. 

These podcasts and videos will be on-goingly broadcast by RadioFWD, Doris McCarthy Gallery, and Big Pond Small Fish websites.

The Farm and The City and The Radio is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts

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